Staff Profiles

Kobe Oliver

Owner / Manager

I started gymnastics at the age of 4, competing all the way up to level 7. At the age of 12 I began coaching along side my training. This lead to me to the goal of one day opening a gym. In 2017 that goal was reached when Gravity Gym was opened. The aim was to open an all inclusive gym where everyone could develop their skills and love for gymnastics. After only 9 months of being open, Gravity Gym was nominated for ‘Best Medium Gym of the Year’ award which was an outstanding achievement. We were then awarded ‘Winner’ of the “Local Business Awards – 2019” New business category. 

Gemma Still

Advanced Coach

Gemma started her gymnastics career in kindergym at 2yrs of age, she continued on to be a successful gymnast and acrobat, competing at a National and State level as well as many achievements at Country Championships, Club Championships and many Regional competitions. With approximately 17 years training in Women’s Gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnastics.
Gemma began teaching pre-levels and recreational classes during her HSC, until the beginning of last year when I started a hair dressing apprenticeship. She has 2 years of full time coaching experience, teaching surfing to ages 4-50yrs. As soon as Gravity Gymnastics opened she jumped at the chance for a career change to something she is so passionate about. Gemma has completed a full time Traineeship at Gravity Gymnastics and has been a fantastic asset to our coaching team.
“I don’t know where I’d be in my life with out gymnastics.” Gemma

Sian Hammond

Advanced Coach

I started gymnastics at a young age and later came across the opportunity to become a coach. I jumped at the opportunity as working with kids in a sport I love has always been a dream of mine. I am now a qualified Intermediate coach in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics as well as studying Communications and Media at UOW.​

  • Girls Gym, Senior Girls Gym, Advanced Girls Gym, Crazy Comets and Ankle Biters

Tahlia Mitchell

Advanced Coach

I started gymnastics at the age of 4 and never looked back. I have competed at a state and national level for Acrobatics and state level for WAG. I was able to achieve these goals of mine due to my coaches so being given the opportunity to do the same for an aspiring gymnast is extremely rewarding. I am now an Advanced coach and am working full-time while completing a coaching traineeship.​

  • Crazy Comets, Ankle Biters, Mini Stars, Girls Gym, Senior Girls Gym, Advanced Girls Gym & Level 3 Competitive Squad.

Antony Gurtner

Advanced Coach

I have been an Advanced Silver Men’s and Women’s coach for over 30 years as well as having my own Primary School Gymnastics program (A&L Gurtner Gym Sports). In the past I have competed at a State and National Level as well as judging at State, National and International level. ​

  • Boys Gym, Street Gym, Adults Gym and Supernovas

Donna Wilkinson

Advanced Coach

Donna was an elite gymnast, achieving the Top 3 in NSW every year of competition. She represented Australia, finishing her career training Junior International at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Donna has been coaching gymnastics full time for over 20yrs, with many gymnasts placing in the top in NSW. Her past gymnasts have been selected for NSW training squads, represented NSW at Nationals, Border Challenge and also International competitions.
We are very excited to have Donna as apart of Gravity Gym, coaching our Competitive Squads and mentoring our younger coaches.

Kalila Stanley

Advanced Coach

I started gymnastics when I was 5, competing for 8 years and reaching level 10. I competed in Sports Acrobatics up to level 10 in which I was able to travel to America to do so. I officially started coaching this year after helping my own coaches and am now a qualified Advanced coach. My goal as a coach is to pass on my knowledge and helps kids achieve their goals. ​

Jess Butler

Advanced Coach

Jo Thompson

Advanced Coach

I have been coaching since I was 12 years old teaching a wide range of classes and Gym sports. I’ve coached competitive gymnastics as well as, recreational, Sports Acro classes and Trampoline. I am also a UOW lecturer, teaching coaching to PE teachers and have previously lectured for Gymnastics NSW. After starting my own family I moved into Kinder Gym coaching as I enjoy the chance to develop children at the very beginning of their gymnastics journeys. ​

  • Crazy Comets and Ankle Biters

Jasmine Barnes

Intermediate Coach

I started gymnastics when I was 5 and have competed up to level 8 which I am currently training in. I started coaching because I love helping kids and teaching them about the sport I have loved my whole life.

Tahlia Larosa

Intermediate Coach

 I have trained and loved gymnastics for 10 years. I competed levels 3-6 and have coached recreational to level 2 gymnastics. I became a coach because I want to teach others about this incredible sport. My goal is to one day have my own squad and help them through their competitions, guiding them to achieve their own goals within gymnastics.

Sari Andimisaris

Intermediate Coach

I began Gymnastics at the age of 3. I competed at State level for Gymnastics and National level in Acrobatics – competing as a top in a trio and achieving National Champion status for two consecutive years. I also participated in AIS training camp for Gymnastics.
I enjoy coaching Gymnastics, not only to assist in the participant’s skill progression but also their growth of self-confidence and self-discipline.

Ethan Walsh

Intermediate Coach

I was a dancer for many years prior to getting a job at Flip out. It was at Flip out that I started teaching kids which inspired me to push myself and become a coach. I’ve completed my Intermediate coaching qualification. I love teaching kids new skills as well as assisting them reaching their goals.​

Aydin Serefli

Beginner Coach

I competed in Men’s gymnastics when I was younger and that’s what made me want to start coaching, as well as stepping out of my boundaries and learning about parkour for street gym classes. I also study Pre Med at the University of Wollongong.​

Angel Gulevski

Beginner Coach

I began gymnastics at a young age, but enjoyed being a leader and teacher which led me to become a gymnastics coach. I am now able to teach young girls and boys a sport I enjoy.

Ally Poole

Administration Staff