Gym Fun Camp


Get ready for the all-day adventure at our Gym Fun Camp, where the fun never stops for kids aged 5-13!

Drop-off opens at 8 AM, and you can pick up your little athletes by 5:30 PM. The gym action kicks off around 8:45 AM and wraps up around 4 PM with craft and some chilling out activities.

What’s in store? It’s a whirlwind of Gymnastics, parkour activities, circuits, and so much more. But that’s not all! We’ve got some crafty creations and board games in the mix. And just in case your kiddos are all tuckered out, there’s even a movie option to wind down.

Don’t forget to pack the essentials: morning and afternoon tea, a hearty lunch, and a trusty drink bottle (sorry, no tech allowed – we’re all about active play). And please, make sure those locks are tied up to keep the focus on fun! You can pack some change if they’re allowed a sneaky treat from the canteen.

For the little ones, it’s always a good idea to have a spare outfit ready, because with all the action, they might need a quick change. And, even though we’ll remind them to visit the restroom during breaks, sometimes the excitement can make them forget.

Street & Ninja Camp


Prepare for an epic adventure at our Street & Ninja Camp, specially designed for the daring crowd aged 5-13! Get ready for 6 hours of non-stop action and excitement.

What’s on the menu? Well, we’re unlocking the gates to both the Ninja Area and the Gymnastics Area. Your little warriors will be on a mission to master ‘Free G’ moves and boost their strength and coordination to become true ninja legends.

Don’t forget to pack the essentials: a trusty drink bottle (technology is a no-go in this ninja kingdom), a hearty lunch, and make sure you’ve got your Grip Socks and Grip Gloves ready. No worries if you don’t have them yet – we’ve got them for sale right here.

And please, tie up those locks because we’re all about safety in style. Oh, and one more pro-tip: when it comes to attire, go pocketless! We want to make sure there are no accidental hang-ups while your little ninjas swing and soar through the obstacle course.

Pre-school Camp


Get ready for the preschool adventure! It’s like a mini-morning fiesta for the little ones, aged 3-5.


Starting at 9:30 AM, you can drop off your tiny tykes for a whirlwind of fun, and then you’ll be reunited by 12 PM. What’s in store for them? Well, it’s a playground of games, crafty creations, and more.

You might be thinking, “What do I do with all that free time?” Go wild! Grab a coffee, conquer the grocery store, or just soak in some well-deserved peace and quiet.


Don’t forget to pack morning tea and a trusty drink bottle (no tech allowed – we’re all about real-world play here). And, for the long haired little fashionistas, make sure those locks are tied up!


We suggest packing an extra outfit for the little ones. While we do our best to remind them to use the bathroom during breaks, sometimes they’re so lost in the excitement that nature calls when they least expect it.