Welcome to Gravity Gym – Where Fitness Meets Fun!
At Gravity Gym, we offer an inclusive world of excitement. Whether you’re looking for adventure, nurturing your child’s development, or pursuing competitive excellence, we’ve got it all:
Discover Illawarra’s only indoor ninja course, where you can embark on a gravity-defying adventure. Unleash your inner warrior and test your agility, balance, and strength.
For our tiniest gymnasts, Kindergym provides a nurturing environment to build confidence and coordination, ensuring your child has a blast while learning.
Our recreational gymnastics programs are designed for both boys and girls, making fitness a fun and inclusive experience for all.
Or you could take your skills to new heights with our competitive gymnastics program, led by expert coaches who will guide your gymnasts on the path to excellence.
Parkour enthusiasts can leap, flip, and vault in our thrilling parkour classes, mastering urban free running in a safe and controlled environment.
And when it’s time to celebrate, our unforgettable parties are packed with excitement, laughter, and adventure.
Our team of kind, friendly, and highly trained staff is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive community, ensuring that every visit is a memorable experience.
Join us today and experience fitness in a whole new way at Gravity Gym!