Competitive Program

Regional squads
Regional squads are for gymnasts that would like to compete in gymnastics, but don’t want to train more than 2 days a week. All gymnasts will have the option of entering into competitions, however they are not compulsory. 
National squads
National squads are gymnasts that show a higher level of commitment to gymnastics and have demonstrated the ability to excel in the sport. Gymnasts in these squads have to meet training requirements as well as competing in competitions. 
Junior Talent
Junior talent is a program designed for young gymnasts, displaying a gift for gymnastics. This squad provides the opportunity for young gymnasts to train with other talented gymnasts of the same age, allowing them to excel at a faster rate than placing them into a standard beginner program. When ready, gymnasts will have the opportunity to compete in fun, recreational competitions at the club to prepare them for future competitions.