🕒 Party Time:

Our electrifying Parkour Party lasts for 2 heart-pounding hours. Get ready for a solid 1.5 hours of epic parkour action, where you’ll be leaping and bounding like a true urban ninja in our gymnastics space. Then, we’ll slow it down for a cool 30 minutes to refuel with delicious food and cake. And guess what? You get 15 minutes before and after the party for setup and pack up – it’s all part of the game!

🏢 Parkour Playground:

Our urban jungle is loaded with obstacles and challenges that’ll put your parkour skills to the test. Climb, jump, and vault your way through a variety of thrilling activities, guided by our expert coaches who ensure you have a blast while staying safe. And for an extra dose of adrenaline, we’ve got a commercial-grade ninja setup that you can add for just $50 more!

🎉 Party Supplies:

We’ve got you covered with digital invitations, plastic cups, plates, serviettes, and even cordial & water jugs, all included in the price. For the munchies and drinks, bring your own – we’re all about customization! You can even decorate the party area to match your parkour style, but remember, decorations are not included. We provide one large and one small table, along with chairs, so you’re all set to bring the party to life.

💰 Pricing:

The Parkour Party experience kicks off at just $400 for a party crew of 15 eager adventurers. This covers the expertise of one of our coaches and exclusive access to the parkour wonderland. Need more daredevils? Additional participants can join for $23 per head, and we’ll bring in extra coaches as needed.

📅 Booking Deets:

Booking is a breeze through – create an account and check out our availability. To secure your date, a $100 deposit is required. Just a heads-up, parties cancelled within 2 weeks of the big day won’t get that deposit back. Five days before your party, confirm your participant count and pay the bill in full. This can be done over the phone or at the front desk.

👶 Little Tumblers:

For our younger party animals aged 2 and up, they’re ready to take on the parkour challenge and are considered participants. Kiddos under 2 aren’t participants, but they’ll need a responsible adult to watch over them. Keep an eye on those little explorers, or we’ll have to charge them as participants!