Gear up, warriors, because we’re turning your day into an epic Ninja Warrior Bash! Get ready to unleash your inner ninja with Illawarra’s very own custom indoor ninja equipment. It’s time to stealth, climb, and conquer like never before! 🚀

🕒 Party Time:

Our Ninja Warrior Bash runs for an exhilarating 2 hours. Dive headfirst into 1.5 hours of heart-pounding ninja challenges on Illawarra’s unique ninja gear. Then, power down for a ninja feast with delicious treats and cake for the remaining 30 minutes. You also snag an extra 15 minutes on both ends for setup and teardown – ninja style!

🥷 Illawarra’s Ninja Domain:

Immerse yourself in the thrill of ninja glory with Illawarra’s custom-designed ninja equipment. We’re talking ninja walls, rope swings, balance beams, and more! Our expert ninja mentors will guide you through the course, ensuring maximum fun while keeping the ninja safety code intact.

🎉 Ninja Supplies:

Your ninja mission is equipped with digital invitations, plastic cups, plates, serviettes, and even cordial & water jugs – all included in the ninja package. For ninja munchies and drinks, it’s BYO style or we can order in pizza for you. And yes, you can ninja-up the party area with your own decorations; just know, they’re not part of the ninja deal. We’ll set you up with one large and one small ninja table, plus ninja chairs in the waiting area.

💰 Pricing:

Embark on the Ninja Warrior adventure starting at $500 for a squad of 20 stealthy warriors. This covers one skilled ninja guide, exclusive access to Illawarra’s ninja haven, and your choice of ninja challenges. More warriors joining your clan? Additional ninja recruits can enter for $25 each, and extra ninja guides will be deployed as needed.

📅 Booking Secrets:

Booking is a breeze through – create your ninja account and scope out the availability. Secure your stealthy date with a $100 ninja deposit. Watch out though; ninja parties cancelled within 2 weeks of the mission won’t see that deposit again. Confirm your ninja headcount five days before the big day, and settle the ninja tab in full. Payments can be ninja-swift over the phone or at the ninja command centre.

👶 Little Ninjas:

Ninja initiates aged 2 and up are ready to tackle the ninja course and are considered full-fledged ninja participants. Tiny tykes under 2 aren’t ninja participants, but they’ll need a responsible ninja guardian to keep an eye on them. Supervise those little shadow warriors, or we might have to classify them as ninja initiates!