Embark on an exciting gymnastics odyssey with Gravity Gym’s Junior Talent program, tailor-made for the fantastic age group of 5 to 7!

This program is like a gymnastics treasure map, guiding your child through the foundational wonders of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) and setting the stage for potential competitive stardom. Now, don’t worry, there’s no pressure to go for gold – competition is all about choice! Alongside the thrill of potential competitions, we’re diving deep into the very core of gymnastics skills, laying the groundwork for a journey that’s both empowering and electrifying.

So, buckle up for a gymnastics adventure where your little one can shine bright like a junior star in the making!



Get ready to sparkle and shine in Gravity’s competitive squads for Women’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG and MAG)!

Dive into a world of different levels, age groups, and competition pathways that cater to both the flexible-hour enthusiasts and the all-in gymnastics champs. Whether you’re flipping for fun or aiming for the gold, our squads are the place to be. If you’re game to join the squad, hit us up for all the details!

Please give us a call to enquire about squad classes.