Jump into the exciting world of Fundamentals, the ultimate kick-off for young champs aged 5 to 7! Watch as your little athlete dives headfirst into fundamental movement magic, conquering gymnastics apparatuses and skills with gusto. This class is a turbocharged journey where your child not only master’s gymnastics basics but also hones coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and confidence – all while having a blast! This class is booked per term.



Welcome to Gravity Gym’s Girls Gym Extravaganza, where the fun never stops for those aged 6 and up!

Dive into the action-packed sequel to gymnastics basics and beyond. Our class takes a cue from the Olympic playbook, featuring the fantastic foursome: vault, bars, beam, and floor. Brace yourself for a journey that not only builds on gymnastics fundamentals but also amps up the strength, flexibility, and a whole lot of awesomeness!

You must complete Fundamentals before joining this class. This class is booked per term.



Welcome to Boys Gym Bonanza—a powerhouse for lads aged 7 and up to flex their muscles, boost flexibility, and dial up coordination in a carnival of fun!

Dive into the realm of traditional Men’s Artistic apparatus with us, where every twist and turn happens in a positively pumped environment. Whether your boy is a budding beginner or a flipping fanatic on the recreational or competitive scene, this program is the ultimate launchpad for strength, flexibility, and a whole lot of gravity-defying grins!

You must complete Fundamentals before joining this class. This class is booked per term.



Get ready to unleash your inner ninja at our Street/Ninja class – a wild adventure for boys and girls of all ages and skills who crave creative and athletic excitement!

From our mind-blowing ninja course to bouncy trampolines, classic apparatus, and the thrilling art of parkour, the Street/Ninja class is a dynamic playground with endless possibilities. We’ve got beginner and intermediate classes with an Advanced class that is an invite-only bash based on individual ninja prowess. So, join the action – run, jump, flip, swing, climb, roll, play, learn, and parkour in a super-safe, totally progressive, and wildly creative environment!

You must complete Fundamentals before joining this class. This class is booked per term.



Welcome to the Advanced Girls Extravaganza – the ultimate quest for our young gymnastic stars!

In this program, we’re cranking up the excitement and aiming for the stars on the Women’s Artistic apparatus. Watch your child soar to new heights as they conquer challenging elements, level up their skills, boost strength, and bend like a gymnastic superhero. With the option to shine in local competitions (totally optional!), and the flexibility to attend multiple classes per week, our Junior Advanced (ages 6-8) and Senior Advanced (age 9+) sessions are a dream come true for gymnastics enthusiasts with sky-high aspirations! Please note: entry requires an assessment. Are you ready to flip into the future?

You must complete Girls Gym to join this class. This class is booked per term.

Strength & Stretch and Adults


Explore Flex Fit at Gravity Gym, our 30-minute class designed to boost flexibility for everyone aged 13 and up. From beginners to athletes, enjoy dynamic stretches with professional guidance, improving your agility and everyday movement. Classes are available casually—embrace a more agile you today!

Discover the thrill of adult gymnastics, perfect for anyone 16 or older at Gravity Gym. Whether you’re revisiting the sport or starting fresh, our coaches will guide you from simple rolls to complex flips, boosting your physical skills and confidence. Gymnastics is a fun, effective workout for all ages. Join us casually and experience the excitement firsthand!