Calling all tiny dynamos aged 6 months to 2 years!

Gravity Gym’s Ankle Biters class is the ultimate playtime extravaganza designed to boost those gross motor skills. Get ready for a whirlwind of rolling, crawling, jumping, and swinging as your little ones embark on a gymnastics adventure. Through exploration and free play, they’ll conquer the gym, play exciting games, and interact with fellow ankle biters. It’s not just playtime; it’s the beginning of building a solid foundation for your child by introducing gymnastics skills early on. Parent participation is required.

This class can be booked on a casual basis.


Prepare for lift-off with Crazy Comets, our cosmic class for little ones aged 2 to 4 years!

In this structured parent-assisted adventure, we introduce fundamental movement patterns and gymnastics skills with a sprinkle of starry creativity. We kick things off with a group warm-up set to music, then navigate through ever-changing circuits using exciting equipment each week. The grand finale? A group activity laser-focused on fine and gross motor development.

Crazy Comets isn’t just a class; it’s a journey through creative themes that make learning a blast! Run, jump, skip, hop, swing, and roll with us as we develop those essential motor skills, setting your child’s athletic journey on the right trajectory. Our Gravity Gymnastics equipment is tailor-made for little stars. Parent participation is required.

This class is booked per term or limited casual spaces available


Get ready for the next big leap with Mini Stars, the cosmic progression for little ones aged 4 to 5 years!

This class is all about stepping into skill-based excitement, introducing independent learning, and embracing a more formal class structure. It’s the perfect launchpad toward our school-aged afternoon classes, maintaining the creative and fun vibe from our theme-based daytime sessions.

Mini Stars is where your little ones will be challenged to elevate their technique, mastering the skills they’ve learned and reaching for new, more daring feats. It’s a stellar journey of growth and discovery for our shining Mini Stars!

This class is booked per term.


Welcome to the turbo-charged excitement of Mini Gym – the express lane into the captivating world of gymnastics!

In this high-energy class, your child isn’t just learning the basics; they’re diving headfirst into a world of gymnastic wonders. Picture them mastering those fundamental gymnastics skills while boosting strength, flexibility, coordination, and laser-like focus. And the best part? It all unfolds in an atmosphere that’s positively charged and relentlessly encouraging!

This class is an exclusive backstage pass, available only by invitation or a gymnastics assessment. Get ready for a gymnastics journey that’s as swift as it is spectacular!

This class is booked per term.