Parent participation required 

Gravity Gymnastics has our Ankle Biters class which is based around gross motor skills for the little ones introducing the basics of rolling, crawling, jumping, and swinging. Learn through exploration and free play, explore the gym and play some games. Start to build the best foundation you can for your child by introducing gymnastics skills at an early age.  

This class has a casual class option, come when you can! 


Parent participation required  

Introducing Gymnastics skills in a structured class with a group warm up to music, stretch and shapes, then circuits using different equipment each week, lots of fun themes to make the learning fun! Learn gross motor skills like run, jump, skip, hop, swing, and roll! Gravity Gymnastics has a great range of equipment designed specifically for little people 


A progression from Crazy Comets into a skills-based class, this class is designed to be a combination of Girls Gym and Boys Gym classes to prepare our little ones for afternoon classes. Mini Stars will be challenged to improve the technique of the skills they have learnt and gain new more challenging skills. Watch them burn energy while improving their strength and gross motor skills.