Fundamentals is a compulsory class for boys and girls aged 5 – 7 years who have not participated in any basic gymnastics programs. This class will teach the foundations of gymnastics and street/ ninja through shapes, landing, balancing, hanging and other movements, giving your child the necessary skills to join a girls gym, boys gym or street/ninja class. 



Girls gym is a program designed for girls aged 6 – 8 years and 9 + years that are interested in recreational gymnastics.  Utilising the apparatuses of womens artistic gymnastics, the girls will begin to learn basic skills, progressing to harder skills as they improve. Our recreational system allows gymnasts to progress  to ensure they are consistently learning and enjoying gymnastics.  


Boys gym is a program designed for boys aged 7 + years, that aims to develop skill, strength and discipline through  mens artistic gymnastics. Utilising the specific apparatuses of mens artistic gymnastics, the boys will begin to learn basic skills, progressing to harder skills as they improve. This class is beginner/ intermediate level and has the option of participating in competitions. 


Street/ Ninja is a program designed for boys and girls of all ages that are interested in ninja courses, parkour, FreeG and movement. Utilising an array of apparatuses and equipment in the gym, children will learn learn kicks, leaps, vaults, jumps and rolls. Beginning with skills, progressing to harder skills, our recreational system allows kids to progress to ensure they are consistently learning and enjoying street/ ninja.  

Street/ Ninja is split into age groups 6 – 8 years, 9 – 12 years and 13+ years. Our 10 – 13 years class is a pre-requisites class and will be advised to enrol in by a coach. 



Advanced girls is a program designed to bridge the gap between girls gym and WAG competitive classes, with junior advanced for girls aged 6 – 8 years and senior advanced for girls aged 9 + years. Gymnasts will upgrade their skills utilising the womens artistic gymnastics apparatuses as well as learning routines to take their gymnastics to the next level. Advanced girls will have the option to participate in local competitions throughout the year (not compulsory).

Our Advanced girls classes are pre-requisites classes and will be advised to enrol in by a coach. 


Tumble is an advanced class designed for boys and girls who have prior experience and are looking to improve their skills. Utilising the sprung floor, air track, trampoline and vault, this class allows you to build on skills including round offs, handsprings, flips, somersaults and basic tumble passes as well as focusing on technique and safe advancement. This is not a parkour class.


Adults gym is a program designed for all adults (16 years +) that are interest in joining as an ex-gymnast, wanting to learn new skills as a beginner or simply having some fun. This class caters to a variety of ages and skill levels, welcoming everyone who wants to join. 


At Gravity we have a range of competitive squads for womens artistic gymnastics. With a number of different levels and age groups, catering for those wanting more flexible hours as well as those with a high level of commitment to gymnastics.
If you are interested in joining a squad, please contact us for more information. 


Gravity Gymnastics offers private lesson for a range of classes including Girls Gym, Tumbling, Street Gym, Ninja and Special needs. Private lessons are suited to all ages, all skill levels and are focused on personal improvement and meeting goals. We offer our private lessons during the day as well as in the afternoon.